This is a  fast moving modern novel set among the pirate-infested waters of the Indian Ocean and the corridors of power in England and Arabia.

When a private ship is captured, the status and nationality of the occupants bring pressure on the British Government to activate deeply discreet and secure organisations to resolve the problems.  The warships on duty in the Indian Ocean are restricted in what they can do to frustrate the pirates but a way must be found to overcome that.  Enter Jack Lang and his skilled but deniable men and women.

The battle that takes place is inevitably outside the law but there is no alternative to the ensuing violence.

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…This gripping tale is a far cry from the days of Good Queen Bess….   The authors maritime experience adds valuable realism …. this is a powerful piece of fiction.

Dee Adcock

Blackmore Vale Magazine

It is a cracking good yarn and your intimate knowledge of HM Warships gives the story it’s intimacy.

Prominent MP to the Author

Written with the authority of a former Commander in the Royal Navy, the plot could have come from today’s newspaper ….. Anthony Holt writes a thrilling story that puts me in mind of Wilbur Smith.   I hope his hero, Jack Lang, appears again.

Judith Spellman

Conduit Magazine

A first class read. A real “page turner” which is dfficult to put down. It has a very believable plot -a mixture of “Spooks” coupled with plenty of naval action The ending gives one hope that there will be a sequel to this excellent story. I can thoroughly recommend this intriguing novel.


Amazon Review

This is a great read. From the outset the author creates an interesting, fast-moving story which the reader will find believable. His knowledge of RN technology and personnel is extensive and creates an atmosphere which causes the reader to think – “what if”? I also found that his development of the characters helped in the believability of the story. Once started the book is very hard to put down as you want to know what happens next. I can fully recommend it.

Linda McBride

Amazon Review

A cracking good yarn and your intimate knowledge of HM warships gives the story its intimacy.

Richard Drax


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