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More about the development of HMS Archer

When I started to write HMS Archer, I wanted to achieve four things.   I needed to present a book that developed a comprehensive story but would remain easy to read.   When I am reading books for my own entertainment, I am often put off by having to launch into a...

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My Short Stories?

After completing my first two books I decided to experiment with writing short stories.   As I looked back from the conclusion of my second career, I realised that, through no effort or fault on my own part, interesting things seemed to happen to me or around me.   I...

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PRIVATEER. A thrilling first of three novels by Anthony Holt

The germ of an idea started when the news media was full of stories of hijacked ships with crews and valuable cargoes held for heavy ransoms.   The hijackings were done by impoverished Somali fishermen, but it was the remote fat-cats who walked away with the spoils. ...

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Harry’s Revenge, another novel by Anthony Holt

When I wrote and published 'Harry's Revenge' I gave a few copies to friends to gauge reaction from readers.   One response bothered me,   When I asked what he thought of the book, one of my friends responded with a rather curt 'too much detail'.   I thought about this...

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Research behind HMS Archer

I decided to begin writing 'HMS Archer' because, as an amateur maritime historian, I wanted to investigate a period of maritime history which seems to have been largely ignored, certainly on this side of the Atlantic.   If the subject of the 1812 war is mentioned,...

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HMS Archer by Anthony Holt

The story of HMS Archer is set in an important but almost forgotten period in the history of Britain and the United States.   It begins in 1811 when Britain was still involved in a bitter war with Napoleonic France, a war which had been going on for many years. ...

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Blog – ‘The Colonel’ From ‘Four of Clubs’

“Good evening!” said the Colonel. Cheerily. I looked up and put down my pen.  “Good evening Colonel,” I replied, “how can I help?” “Oh, not so formal; never mind the Colonel,” he said, followed by, or so I thought, “Not a real rank anyhow, not the same as you, y’...

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Out to Lunch

At half past two the engines were shut down again to allow them to cool.   The hands were stood down.   There was no sign of the Skipper.   By three o’clock the First Lieutenant was looking really worried.   He was the one who would get it in the neck if we failed to...

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