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HMS Archer by Anthony Holt

The story of HMS Archer is set in an important but almost forgotten period in the history of Britain and the United States.   It begins in 1811 when Britain was still involved in a bitter war with Napoleonic France, a war which had been going on for many years. ...

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Blog – ‘The Colonel’ From ‘Four of Clubs’

“Good evening!” said the Colonel. Cheerily. I looked up and put down my pen.  “Good evening Colonel,” I replied, “how can I help?” “Oh, not so formal; never mind the Colonel,” he said, followed by, or so I thought, “Not a real rank anyhow, not the same as you, y’...

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Out to Lunch

At half past two the engines were shut down again to allow them to cool.   The hands were stood down.   There was no sign of the Skipper.   By three o’clock the First Lieutenant was looking really worried.   He was the one who would get it in the neck if we failed to...

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Jim’s startling arrival at the conference

About ten past midday, I was sitting in my cabin, finishing off my letter home, and re-organising my pile of files and divisional papers when the door cracked open about eight inches and a familiar bearded face of my friend peered in.   “What time is it?” he said....

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Pirates prepare to attack in “Privateer”

  Hamid eased the outboard throttle open a little more as he settled on a course towards the lights.   Ahmed moved forward quietly through the boat pushing and nudging the silent reclining forms.  Those who had been sleeping were now awake, carefully adjusting...

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An extract from “Harry’s Revenge”

  Harry cowered, terrified, clinging onto any fixture he could reach inside the wheelhouse, as the boat gradually righted herself, slowly responded to the demands of the autopilot and started to climb the front wall of the next wave.   As the boat reared and...

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Did I Really Want to be Here

      Blog 24th July 2002 Did I Really Want to be Here? Way back when we were all struggling with pounds, shillings and pence, wondering what a foreign holiday would be like, repaying the wartime American loans, and enjoying a nice simple trading...

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All good things come to an end

We had enjoyed our late winter break in the sun.  The hotel in Barbados had everything suggested by the brochure – and maybe more.  The food was plentiful, varied and of high quality, unusual these days in a hotel offering an ‘All Inclusive’ package.  The staff were...

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