Four of Clubs

Put together copious booze, serious pomposity, thievery, a modicum of sex and a whole lot of characters who are not what they claim to be.

This laugh-a-line work is the first of two entertaining books (The second one is ‘Are You a Member?’) which throw open some of the nonsense and drama which takes place behind the heavy doors of London’s ‘gentlemens’ clubs as well as the pranks, scandals and humour that attends life behind the green baize doors where the international staff dwell.

It is drawn from the daily experience of the author during seventeen years in charge of several clubs. The names have frequently been changed to protect the innocent.

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A series of accounts relating to the goings on in a London Gentleman’s club. Fascinating insight into this exclusive world. Full of larger than life characters and their hilarious schemes and exploits. A great read.


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