When I wrote and published ‘Harry’s Revenge’ I gave a few copies to friends to gauge reaction from readers.   One response bothered me,   When I asked what he thought of the book, one of my friends responded with a rather curt ‘too much detail’.   I thought about this and realised that there are one or two descriptions which are a bit gory, or perhaps a bit harsh.  But then, the book is about very nasty people, doing nasty things to other people for their own enjoyment.   Retribution does prevail and they are hunted down in secret by the very man they had set out to kill, and, one by one, they meet a just and sometimes grisly end.   All through the story the villains are pursued by a Dorset police team, often investigating both the criminals and revenge prone Harry, with developments occurring in parallel.    How far does Harry get in achieving his aim, and what becomes of him in the end?

Why don’t you read this book and see if you can put it down!!

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