Hamid eased the outboard throttle open a little more as he settled on a course towards the lights.   Ahmed moved forward quietly through the boat pushing and nudging the silent reclining forms.  Those who had been sleeping were now awake, carefully adjusting and checking their weapons.   The silence was broken only by the clicks of oiled metal as weapons were cocked, and the swish of the water past the hull of the now rapidly moving craft.

The distant navigation lights on the horizon had by now resolved themselves into the shape of a ship and had then almost disappeared behind the cluster of deck lights and glowing cabin windows.   However, the pinpoint navigation lights still served sufficiently to indicate the direction of the ship.

A slight relaxation crossed the otherwise stony expression on Hamid’s face. He was in a good position for the attack, broad on the port bow of his target so that if he maintained this course and his quarry remained unaware of his existence, then he would be able to sweep round behind the ship and come alongside on the starboard side near the stern.

Just a taste of how Somali Pirates trap their victims. In “Privateer” you can follow the daring rescue, planed by a group of undercover spooks. You can now see the second edition of this book if you go to www.anthonyholt.org.uk as well as Anthony Holt’s other works, and how to buy them.

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